Plump olives, velvety crème Catalan (a Spanish version of crème brulee) and fresh fish with smoky chorizo accompanied by a glass of crisp Cava – holidays in Spain and the Balearic Islands might be famous for endless sunshine and gorgeous beaches but it’s also where you’ll enjoy the most delicious dishes and fabulous wines…

Spain is a foodie paradise

From tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts, food in Spain is all about making the most of the best local produce. Food is celebrated in Spain – literally! Check at the local tourist office for details of festivals and foodie events. Full of flavour, here’s what to look out for, and try, on your Spanish

Tapas. The famous snack-sized dishes are perfect for hot days and glasses of wine. Whether it’s a bowl of stuffed Spanish olives, crispy calamari, crunchy croquettes or marinated mussels, tapas goes perfectly with a glass of Spanish Rioja, Cava, Sangria etc.

Iberico ham – wherever you go in Spain, every restaurant and bar will host a leg of ham. Enjoyed with a glass of wine, this salty snack is very popular.
Patatas Bravas – craving comfort food, these little fried potatoes served with a spicy sauce which varies from region to region, will satisfy your soul.

Paella – it’s the ultimate Spanish dish. Born in Vallencia in the 19th century, this scrumptious rice and meat or fish dish is a favourite. You’ll discover it everywhere in Spain but ask a local for a recommendation if you want to know where to get the authentic version.

Tortilla Espanola – or Spanish omelette. Definitely not the same as the UK version, it traditionally includes plenty of peppers and fried potatoes (tortilla de patatas). Delicious.

Chorizo – a staple in Spanish tapas. Spicy, garlicky and moreish!

Markets in Spain

Self-catering at one of our luxury villas means barbecues round the pool in the sun (all of our villas have pools) and they all have great, fully equipped kitchens. Why not take a trip to the local market – it’s a cultural experience as well as a chance to buy the freshest local produce. You’ll find street markets all over Spain most of which open in the morning and close around lunch time, though there are some that open all day or at night (check at local tourist offices). It’s also a good excuse to pop in and out of local tapas bars for inspiration…

Whether you want a perfect break on the mainland or on an island, at Palmer & Parker we’ve got the perfect luxury villa in Spain – for you.

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