Spain has the highest number of sunny days annually throughout Europe so you can maximise soaking up that vitamin D and beach time too.

These days, holidays aren’t just the sun and beach though, many of us aim for wellness and experiences that raise emotional and spiritual levels. Wellness holidays are no longer reserved for spa breaks but include everything from walking and yoga to cycling, cooking classes, and personal discovery. All are designed to help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle.


You can take yoga classes in most resorts in Spain. In Marbella there are more than a dozen studios where you can join a class (some offer yoga for children too). In Ibiza, Amante Ibiza offers morning beach yoga and breakfast three days a week. And in Mallorca, Earth Yoga in Palma offers classes with English speaking instructors and there’s a class on Yin-Yoga which encourages healing with meditation through stillness of the body and mind.


All of our villas have pools but sometimes you want a little more pampering – if so, head to one of the many day spas in Spain or on the islands. In Mallorca the Arabella spa is particularly lovely. You can buy a daily pass as well as book a treatment with spa specialists. Marbella has a huge choice of day spas including the well-known Pure Skin Boutique where you can enjoy the latest beauty treatments with their expert team.

Hiking and cycling

Cycling is a great form of exercise, and even an e-bike which makes life just that little bit easier, still has health benefits. You can easily hire bikes in Spain, just check at the local tourist office for details and to discover the best routes.

Regular walking is very good for your health, and you don’t have to walk too far or for too long to reap the benefits. On your Spanish holiday, the warm weather, glorious landscape and sandy beaches make walking even more pleasurable. Scientists also say that walking helps boost endorphins to put you in a better mood, improve digestion and helps for a better night’s sleep.


You could of course do your walking on the golf course. The average round of golf means you’ll walk between 5 and 7 kilometres. Playing golf helps you stay fit, improves muscle tone and endurance and helps you burn body fat. Plus – it’s fun!

Combine this with a stay in one of our luxury villas in Spain and the Balearic Islands, all of which come with pools, many with gyms and tennis courts, and you have a recipe for a great wellness holiday with family and friends…

Check at local tourist offices for details of wellness activities.

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