France, and particularly the French countryside, is probably one of the most stunning places on earth. France has absolutely everything you’d want from a holiday destination – unspoiled beaches, rich culture, beautiful countryside towns, and thriving cities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of this country and are planning a holiday there soon, have a read through this article to find out the most scenic parts of France to visit. Whether you’re planning an adventure-packed trip with your family or a romantic getaway with your partner, France has everything you will need and more!

Annecy – Perfect for French Country Cottage Retreats

You are likely to have seen Annecy on a postcard thousands of times – it’s one of those rare places that feels almost like a dream. Picture perfect, this alpine town is located just off Lake Annecy. Beautiful clear waters flow through the town and the town itself is built on canals. This is the perfect place for a French cottage holiday – you will really be able to relax in a place like this. Spend your time walking along the cobblestone roads, visiting bakeries and dining at small local restaurants. This is the perfect place to come for a romantic getaway with your partner.

Menton – Perfect For a Weekend Away

Menton is famous for its stunning orange, yellow, and red coloured houses. Menton is the perfect place for a weekend getaway and you will find yourself unable to look away from the amazing sunset coloured architecture. Menton is the perfect sized city for a weekend getaway. You won’t find yourself overwhelmed, walking for hours in the scorching French sun, but will have enough to explore to keep you thoroughly occupied. One of the famous highlights of this beautiful city is the Serre de la Madone, a stunning garden that is famous in France for its rare plants and beautiful scenery. This beautiful location even has a lovely beach that you can visit just by the porch, so after a few hours of walking around, you can cool off in the sea – a perfect day!

Mont-Saint Michel – Perfect For A Swim In The Sea

Mont-Saint Michel is a place that you have probably seen countless times on a postcard before even reading this article. Mont-Saint Michel is famously one of the most beautiful sites in France. Like a fairy tale castle, you will see a medieval monastery perched on top of an island. Tall and stately, this monastery is surrounded by swathes of blue sea and is a common holiday destination for anyone visiting France in the summer. You can explore the beautiful monastery, wonder around the island, or swim in the beautiful blue sea. This destination is great for anyone looking for beautiful views, fine architecture, historic landmarks and, of course, a swim!

Loire Valley – Perfect For French Cottages For Holiday Rent

The Loire Valley is a well-known French holiday destination, and for good reason! This dreamy place is perfect if you are staying in Paris and want to book a weekend away in a French country cottage. In this stunning destination, you can explore old chateaus, castles, and survey the beautiful landscape. The Loire Valley is known for its abundant wine industry, so if you are into sampling the finest wines, this is definitely the place for you! Loire Valley wines are characteristically fruity, flavourful, fresh, and crisp. Sometimes city breaks are amazing, and it is, of course, wonderful to spend your time exploring and getting to know a city, but other times there is nothing better than relaxing in the countryside in a perfectly quaint cottage. If you are looking for a break where you can truly relax and enjoy slow, sun-soaked days, then book a trip to the Loire Valley this summer, you won’t regret it!

Eze – Perfect For French Country Cottages

Eze is very close to Nice and is located in the sun-soaked south area of France. This beautiful destination is located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with stunning scenery that will be sure to take your breath away. If you enjoy the comfort and ease of being close to a large city like Nice but want to spend your time in a French countryside village, then this is the perfect destination to choose. With panoramic views looking out over the ocean, picturesque cobblestone streets, and a city close by should you need to stock up on any essentials, Eze has everything you could possibly need for a care-free and relaxing summer holiday. 

Beaune – Perfect for Lovers of Fine Wine

Beaune is in the centre of Burgundy, the capital of wine-making in France. If you are a keen wine drinker, this is absolutely an unmissable destination. This small city is only a few hours away from Paris by train, so if you’re staying in Paris and looking for a weekend getaway, there couldn’t be anywhere better than Beaune. The cobblestone town holds an annual wine auction, which is an unmissable event if you’re a true wine connoisseur. If you’re looking for a bit of light exercise on your holiday, then consider cycling the Route des Grand Crus, a quiet route that will take you on winding paths circling around beautiful fields and vineyards. There isn’t much traffic in this area, so if you are on a family holiday and want to occupy your children with a day of cycling, this is a perfectly safe option.

Colmar – Perfect For French Holiday Cottages

Colmar is located in the northeast section of France, very close to the German border. If you want to experience an amazing blend of French and German architecture, food, and culture, this is the place to visit. The architecture is famous for its bold colours, which you will find hard not to be entranced with. Colmar is famous for its sunny microclimate, which means it is one of the driest cities in France, so if you want to sit back, relax and not worry about the weather ruining your summer vacation, Colmar might be the place for you. Colmar is also considered the capital of the Alsatian wine region, so if you are interested in sampling fine wines and experiencing the richness of French wine culture, book a holiday cottage in Colmar today.

Viviers – Perfect For A Secret Getaway

This small area of France is not widely known and not visited nearly as much as some of the other locations on this blog. Nevertheless, it is well worth a visit and truly a hidden gem of the French countryside. Sometimes, you want to shed the feeling that you are a tourist in a foreign country and feel like you are truly integrating into the landscape. Visiting a town like Viviers is a great way to do this. Unpopulated by tourists, you can wander around the quaint towns feeling as though you are truly a local. If you’re looking to experience stunning architecture, then go and visit the Viviers cathedral. There are also lovely small bakeries and local restaurants with real, authentic French food for you to sample. If you’re looking for a getaway that avoids swathes of tourists, Viviers is certainly the destination for you.

Gordes – Perfect For Panoramic Views

One of the most famous villages of Provence, Gordes, sits on a hill and overlooks swathes of French countryside below. The houses and buildings are made of white stone and are embedded into the sweeping cliff of the mountain. If you’re after panoramic views that will truly take your breath away, then book a stay in Gordes. If you’re worried about finding things to do in such a small town, don’t fear! Gordes hosts many cultural events throughout the summer and has museums, festivals, and concerts for you to enjoy on your relaxing getaway.

There’s nothing better than a countryside getaway. France is made up of countless beautiful little towns and countryside villages. With cobblestone pathways, authentic French food, breath-taking architecture, and fresh countryside air, you couldn’t ask for more from a holiday destination. If you find yourself continually seeking out city breaks, worrying that you won’t have much to do on a slower-paced cottage-stay holiday, then simply imagine yourself sampling local wines, laughing over candlelit dinners of freshly prepared local cuisine and enjoying panoramic views of the rolling French countryside.

After staying in a small rental house or French cottage, you will find yourself feeling fresh, recharged, and ready to take on the rest of the year after a few weeks of proper rest. There couldn’t be anything more romantic than a cottage getaway, so if you’re looking for a trip to buy your loved one for an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas present, consider booking a French cottage getaway.

In contrast to a city break, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed with everything going on around you. Instead, you will be able to truly connect with your loved one in the peace and quiet that you both deserve.

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