Deciding to leave your home and country and move elsewhere can be daunting, but it can also be a rich experience. It can allow you to experience a new culture and purchase the house of your dreams, as different countries have different architectures. Plus, if you are a lover of certain cuisine, environment, and climate, then this can also be a good enough reason to consider moving abroad.

How do you decide where you would like to move to, though? With so many countries, there is a lot of choice, and moving abroad can be costly and time-consuming. You want to ensure that you are making the best decision possible.

France is a great country for you to consider. The country has a lot to offer, plus it is already a popular choice for people across the world regarding visiting or moving there. Why is this, exactly? Well, France is popular for many reasons. Firstly, the landscape and beautiful scenery is a perk of living in France. You can decide to live in a bustling city like Paris, or if you wish to have a more rural lifestyle, you could purchase a property in Colmar. Other popular reasons to move to France include the cuisine (think croissants, potato dauphinoise, croque monsieur, and cherry clafoutis) and the culture.

Before you move, however, you will also need to understand their way of living and lifestyles, as these may greatly differ from the standard of living you are currently used to. The last thing you want to do is accidentally insult your neighbours because you have not read up on French etiquette.

If you have decided that France is the right country for you but are unable to decide on which part of France to move to, the following guide is here to help. Below is a list of the most affordable places to live in France so that you can buy your dream property in your dream location.

Where are the Most Affordable Places to Live in France?


For those who love to live in a lively city, Montpellier is a popular and surprisingly affordable city located in the South of France. This is a city that can be heavily populated with students, so young couples or singles looking for an exciting place to live that is not overly expensive will flourish here. Plus, if you are after a city that is not overly big or overwhelming, then Montpellier may be the perfect size for you!

While Montpellier may lack certain entertainment that is usually found in the streets of Marseille or Paris, there is still plenty to do here. You’ll find an extensive array of bars and cafes, so you can enjoy a rich café culture that will keep you refreshed and satisfied, as well as a nightlife that suits those who wish to socialise with their friends over a couple of drinks.


Are you after rugged mountains and atmospheric scenery rather than a big city? If so, then Grenoble may be perfect for you. This city is affordable, which is surprising due to its location. You can easily access the peaks and slopes of the Alps from Grenoble, making this a perfect home for skiers.

Although Grenoble is relatively small, there is a lot to see and do. Plus, being surrounded by nature boasts a wholesome and rustic feel that can be ideal for certain people. For instance, if you love history, then there are several museums that are worth a visit and can be a great day trip with kids or visiting friends or family members. Plus, you can always hop onto the cable car and revel in the panoramic views of Grenoble.


Nantes is located on the west of France and is quite far from the coast. However, it is an incredibly affordable city to live in and is also considered extremely safe and boasts a green lifestyle. With Nantes’ commitment to sustainability, this can be the perfect home for those who lead eco-friendly lifestyles and wish to do their part in lowering their carbon footprint.

Don’t expect Nantes to be a fast-paced city. This is most definitely a location that is best suited to those who wish to slow down and live a relaxed lifestyle. However, Nantes does have some unique quirks to offer. For instance, they have an active arts scene. What’s more, if you adore green spaces, there’s a wealth of parks for you to choose from.


Situated in the centre of France, within the Indre region, Châteauroux is a beautiful and popular city. Close to Paris (a mere 2-hour drive), Châteauroux provides an alternative living arrangement for those who wish to have weekends away in the most expensive city within France, but do not want to pay for or live in the busy lifestyle of France’s capital city. There are numerous suburbs to choose from in Châteauroux, and it is considered very affordable with realistic real estate pricing and a cost of living that won’t hurt your bank account.

Châteauroux is a beautiful place to live, with numerous forests and green spaces for you to discover and relax in. You’ll also be living next to La Brenne Regional Park, which has a number of lakes. Châteauroux is an ideal living place for nature lovers and those who wish to escape the fast-paced environment of a large city.


While not a town or city, Dordogne is a popular destination with British expats due to the area’s cheap property prices that are quite reasonable. Plus, Dordogne favours mild summer temperatures, making the climate much more tolerant for those who may not be able to withstand blistering heats.

Popular places you could consider buying or renting a property in include the capital of Dordogne, Périgueux. However, you may also wish to consider Sarlat-la-Canéda and Bergerac. Bergerac is a medieval town situated by a river, making it a popular destination for those wanting to live in a small, French old town that has pretty streets and a quieter atmosphere. This town is picturesque and also has one of the largest markets, making it a wholesome but exciting place to live.

Dordogne, however, is also considered to have the Plus Beaux Villages de France, which translates to ‘the most beautiful villages in France’. So, if you wish to live in a stunning village within France, this could be the ideal place for you to find your next home.


Located only a couple of hours from the coast, the department of Tarn is another popular choice amongst those who are looking to move to France. Tarn has a variety of pretty villages and towns for you to potentially live in, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to escape city living and enjoy a slower way of life.

One popular village in Tarn is Cordes-sur-Ciel, which is not only beautiful and located on a majestic hill, but it also has a fairy-tale feel to it which matches the myths that also surround this village. If you wish to buy and live in a cute cottage, then Cordes-sur-Ciel may be your new home. However, if Cordes-sur-Ciel doesn’t win you over, the Puycelsi may do instead. Considered the ‘fortress of the wood,’ Puycelsi is a small village that has wonderful woodland and woodland wildlife that makes this a very special location to not only live in, but visit. Looking to live in a village that has rolling green views? Then this is the place for you!


Considered the rural heartland of France, Cantal is located in the centre of the country and is home to what remains of one large volcano (but don’t worry, it’s extinct!). This makes for a unique and breath-taking location to visit and live, with the Cantal region being a popular place for nature lovers to move to and reside. Small, quaint towns that seem like they belong on the front of a postcard can make you fall in love with this region. If you love to hike and ski, then this region offers both.

Where are the Cheapest Places to Live in France?


For those who wish to live in a beautiful city that always has something going on, Versailles may be the perfect place for you. This city is cheaper than Paris, but offers enough nightlife and café culture that can make the most sophisticated of person happy. Plus, it has a pleasant lifestyle and an abundance of historical cultures to make this an exciting and beautiful place to live that is also rich in culture. The main reasons to live in Versaille are: the art, the historical heritage, the pleasant lifestyle, good educational systems and employment rate, and reliable transport links. With the latter, you can move from place to place, which makes it ideal for those who love to explore or who may be commuting for work.

There are numerous affordable places to live in France – all you have to do is find the location that suits your wants and needs. Firstly, decide if you wish to live in a city or somewhere that is rural and more secluded. Once this has been determined, it’s time to find the destination that is best suited to your lifestyle and preferences.

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